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Infrastructure projects

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Obviously, the infrastructure of banks will change under the influence of time. Today, there are banking models in the world that use different types of biometrics when identifying customers, transforming bank branches, and developing a payment service that can be done really easily. The bank should be as friendly as possible, study the behavior of the client, flexibly respond to its transformation and ideally outstrip its inquiries.

"We have to work where the client is. Those banks that will understand where a customer is right now and what he does and will offer its services - will win. Credit is not needed tomorrow if the customer was in the store yesterday."

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Tetyana Chernenko

WE ARE LOOKING FOR a banking service or a set of services that will facilitate the interaction of the client and the bank within the most widespread banking services. Fast, smart, convenient products that simplify existing client / bank interaction mechanisms are important for us. In addition, we believe in products that the client will enjoy.

Possible areas of product development:

  • universal client ID
  • hardware solutions with payment functionality
  • new offline services
  • new ways to advertise on an offline channel
  • transformation of bank branches


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30 September 2019