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Security and Risks

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Banking services are rapidly and unceasingly going online. The digital format requires simplification of procedures, gradual departure from physical contact with the client. But in the course of time, there are also thieves, and the issue of virtual fraud and cyber-security is today relevant enough. At the same time, digitalization can protec banks from "living" fraudulent schemes and opens the way for the study and evaluation of online customer behavior.

"On the one hand, the bank should be simple and convenient, and on the other - security is important to the client.

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Andriy Sachenko

WE ARE LOOKING FOR solutions that would ensure a balance between simplicity and affordability and security. Ideas how to find/generate new ones and to analyze existing customer data and make conclusions about trustworthiness.

Possible areas of product development:

  • antifraud
  • simple solutions security
  • client ID
  • integrity and control of information
  • reliability check (first of all solvency) and customer assessment
  • scoring models


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