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28 teams
10 proposals
was received
Organizer Kazakhtelecom
Date September 2017


Create a transport and logistics system using smart contracts. The potential sender places an order on the portal, specifying the route, from where, and to which cargo to deliver; if necessary, upload accompanying or supporting documents. The potential carriers that are ready to unite to fulfil the contract respond where and how they can deliver the goods, by indicating delivery time, exact address and cost. Freight carriers are making arrangements on where and how they will do the transfer of cargo. The shipper chooses the final version and signs the order, after which the entire amount for transportation is blocked on his account. As each stage is completed, the money from the account is transferred to the appropriate carrier. The system should allow you to work with several lockers and have the ability to switch between them, as well as interact with photos and video files. At all stages of the team's work, consultation and expertise of Blockchain lab are available.


A cargo tracking tool. The tool contains a technical solution to the problem (marking with a unique code), personal cabinets for all user groups with different configurable access rights for tracing the cargo, a special mobile application, as well as a risk management system.