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Philip Morris Ukraine

33 teams
18 proposals
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Organizer Philip Morris Ukraine
Date October 2017


To offer a ready-made technology or to develop a speech recognition solution to facilitate communication in retail. The consumer can see scenarios that are based on "call-to-action", activated by pronouncing specific keywords (for example, brand names), perhaps with a particular call-to-action at the end (for example, a QR code with a special offer inside). The device recognises words (brand names) expressed by the consumer, and names or advises the seller to pronounce specific messages.


The system performs audio and video recording of the cashier’s actions. In real-time mode, it recognizes and records events that do not meet the standards of front-personnel behavior set by the company, and informs responsible employees about this. This allows not only to monitor compliance with the rules of service but also to organize a loyalty program for line personnel.

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“This is an absolutely applied system, which today is being implemented in various processes of interaction - with the final user, and with sales and service representatives, suppliers. It opens up new opportunities for scaling solutions related to evaluation, training, quality control of customer service. The technology has made it possible to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of front-line personnel, which made it possible to increase sales by several percents.”

Pavlo Ryzhyi Innovation Manager Philip Morris Ukraine