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Philip Morris Ukraine

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Organizer Philip Morris Ukraine
Date October 2017


Develop an application for a new employee in the company or an employee who has been moved to work in another department. The product, is installed on a corporate smartphone or tablet and "attached" to the corporate phone number, is designed to help the employee quickly become familiar with the new role. Thanks to the clear policies in force in the company and the mandatory check-list, the application tells the employee what to do on the first working day, the first working week, the first month. In addition, the product should respond to all emerging issues, including unstructured. And in the absence of typical answers - be able to adjust the algorithm for their search.


HR-bot for Telegram and Viber, individually programmed for each new employee. The bot is integrated with a calendar and a system of reminders, job descriptions. It is attached to the post of managers, which will receive questions from beginners which the bot could not solve. All questions asked by the bot are divided into patterns, sorted by the linguistic model and matches with the database to increase the accuracy of the answers. On the entire path of adaptation, the bot is using a matrix of questions - hints to the employee to adopt him as quickly as possible in a new position.

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“Testing the bot, we have understood more and more for which groups of employees it will be as effective as possible. And they also revealed and began to use one more of its useful properties: a bot can provide early communication in preparation for an employee’s start at work. Thus, the problem of early adaptation is solved: thanks to the bot, we get an employee who is ready to perform his immediate duties much earlier, to effectively interact with colleagues and create value for the company.”

Pavlo Ryzhyi Innovation Manager Philip Morris Ukraine