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Philip Morris Ukraine

21 teams
15 proposals
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Organizer Philip Morris Ukraine
Date October 2017


To create a universal cargo tracking tool of the company, transported by the cars of various contracting companies, taking into account the real situation. For example, not all vehicles are equipped with GPS; contractors have their tracking systems, communication means are assigned to drivers, not to cars, the route assumes several unload points for several customers and more.


The decision to optimise logistics, providing data collection from different software complexes into a single system, displaying all traffic in real time in a single interface, scheduling routes in a single window, generating summary reports on all carriers, monitoring violations and forecasting failures in delivery terms. The system provides offices for 3 types of counterparties: the personal office of the sender of the goods, the personal office of the consignee and the personal office of the carrier. After the order is formed and its entry into the system, the carrier looks for a variant that fully corresponds to the order, puts the car on the route and the system tracks its movement. At the end of the route, the system automatically turns off the car display in the interface.

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“IT is a must to constantly control the logistics. We need to understand where each particular shipment of goods is located, when it arrives at its destination and how this will affect its delivery to the final consumer. This is a business need that we had been exploring for a very long time, and in the end, after going through a number of experiments, we came up with a unique solution.”

Pavlo Ryzhyi Innovation Manager Philip Morris Ukraine