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Arkley VC

52 teams
21 proposals
was received
Organizer Arkley VC
Date June 2018


Search for teams involved in the development of hardware solutions that have projects at the stages of the working prototype and above. One of the rounds the company decided to hold in Kiev. Reactor searched for Arkley teams and organised an international MITAP with the finalists. The teams selected to participate in the Meetup having a chance of investment of $300,000 from Arkley VC. The winner also receives a ticket for the 8th Wolves Summit (Warsaw, Fall 2018).


The project of a portable 4G Wi-Fi router with unlimited access has been selected as a winner. The router automatically connects to network operators in 150 countries around the world, choosing the best connection conditions. It contains data on more than 1 million public Wi-Fi points around the world. The device can also function as a power bank. It is a number one device for travellers and freelancers. It combines several communication solutions - roaming, tourist and local SIM card, cloud sim-routers, access to public Wi-Fi points.