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Alfa-Bank Ukraine

157 teams
104 proposals
was received
Organizer Alfa-Bank Ukraine
Date November 2017


Find technological teams and independent specialists who are ready to take part in the creation of the digital bank. We accept any ideas, proposals and innovative tools, as well as technologies that will help bring the work of the bank to a new level. The winner of the contest gets an opportunity to realise its project with Alfa-Bank Ukraine.


Decision of an omnichannel platform for working with banking products. The platform is compatible with the primary database management systems and consists of Internet and mobile banking, chat-bot, as well as applications for contactless payments from the smartphone. The platform provides an opportunity to open an account for a SMEs client for 3 minutes instead of 3 days. This changes the communication of the bank with clients and demonstrates the readiness to solve the client's problem at the moment of its appearance.

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“The SME segment, in our opinion, is strategic for our country and is of great importance for the growth of the economy,” says Tatyana Chernenko. - We have previously maintained systemic communication with entrepreneurs: we offered them special products, organized educational projects. Now the key product for communication with this segment of customers is “OK, Alpha!”.

Tetyana Chernenko Director of Strategic Marketing and Innovations at Alfa-Bank Ukraine