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Philip Morris Ukraine

18 teams
10 proposals
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Organizer Philip Morris Ukraine
Date October 2017


To improve the software for booth-stands (there is one working model). It helps to sell the goods at the retail. The existing software needs to be finalised so the pusher "understands" when and which goods are running out and sends information to the server, and the company employees so they could see this information and react accordingly. Next, you need to integrate the program into the working model and model five more models accordingly which the company will test in retail.


A comprehensive solution that includes the assembly of sensors, the equipment of pushers, their integration into the network, the development of software and control systems. The solution consists of a full range of services - from the purchase of components to logistics during the installation and maintenance of the stand.

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“The smart wall made us rethink the entire production chain - from product creation to its delivery to the consumer. After all, the removal of goods from the shelf immediately starts the processes that affect not only the order of this product but also its delivery, production and purchase of raw materials. This is something unprecedented not only for Ukraine but also for many countries and industries in the world.”

Pavlo Ryzhyi Innovation Manager Philip Morris Ukraine