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Digital Banking

Idea Day is scheduled for June 14, 2018 363 views
Organizer alfa-bank
Idea Day is scheduled for 14 June 2018
The deadline for the announcement of results 06 July 2018
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Event time 14 June
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As the world changes, more and more services go online from offline, and even more services can be obtained using just a smartphone. Not to mention the children of the new Millennium, who from early age use mobile devices and the Internet and who will soon become users and clients. The banking industry has to maintain their main products in the latest update, and most importantly bank "retail", in digital format.

"For a twenty years’ old generation personal communication is a stress. And as we go further, the greater the stressis, since all communication goes online. Therefore, all possible transactions that the bank can give online should be there.".

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Igor Vyryasov

We are looking for solutions that will make banking processes more flexible and will open up a variety of digital capabilities to get information about customers and channels of interaction with them.

Possible areas of product development:

  • omnichannel
  • online-banking
  • electronic money

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June 14, 2018 Idea Day is scheduled for

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